The Event History
When it all began...
The history of Sertões International Rally has started with the making of Rally São Francisco in 1991, between Ribeirão Preto, in São Paulo state countryside, and Maceió, by the beaches in northeastern Brazil. The architect Chico Morais organized the event. This was the first competition like this only for motorbikes.

In 1992 it did not happen, and in 1993 the first edition of Sertões International Rally was organized, starting from Campos do Jordão, in the mountain region of São Paulo state, and finishing at the beaches of Rio Grande do Norte state. The 34 riders that applied to the single category (bikes) rode 3,500 kilometers. The city of Natal kept being the final destination in the second edition of the race in 1994, being the total course 4,500 kilometers with 44 riders from all over Brazil and abroad, thus, initiating the international phase of the event.

The positive results of the two first years yielded the 3rd edition of Sertões International Rally, 1995, the status of big event, and the confirmation came through the participation of world motor biking icons, like the Italian Edi Orioli, who won the Dakar in 1996, and the Spaniards Fernando Gil and Jordi Arcarons. Sertões' 3rd edition also had the debut of 4WD cars, turning the race's possibilities even bigger.
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